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How to find out if your builder is a BSA Licenced Contractor

Natural disasters have been all too familiar in Queensland in recent years, with repeat rainfall and flooding events inflicting significant physical damage on our built environment. In true Queensland spirit, the community has risen to the challenge each time and responded swiftly to contribute to the recovery effort.

All hands are on deck to help out with demolition and clearing, repairing fences, patching and re-sheeting walls, re-stumping houses, and in the worst hit areas, rebuilding structures from scratch. Amidst all the action, it can be difficult to lose sight of the fact that building works such as these are high risk activities and are subject to regulation in Queensland.

Reconstruction, renovation and repair works are all forms of building work under the Queensland Building Services Authority Act 1991 (the Act). The Act requires all building work to be carried out by licensed contractors – it’s the law. Comply or risk prosecution, simple!

There are also practical reasons to utilise licensed contractors. The licensing is administered by the Building Services Authority (BSA) to ensure that contractors:

  •  demonstrate relevant industry experience
  •  hold appropriate technical qualifications
  • demonstrate financially capacity
  • satisfy identity and reference checks

Imagine the horror in finding out that the electrician you had engaged to repair your flooded switchboard and cabling was not qualified and had a history of faulty workmanship? Utilising a licensed contractor goes a long way to providing piece of mind when undertaking your next rebuild project.

It may come as a surprise to note that builders, contractors and tradespeople are not the only ones required to be licensed. Project management professionals must also be licensed if they undertake any of these building work services:

  • administration services
  • advisory services
  • management services
  • supervisory services

This single page fact sheet from the BSA provides an excellent overview for Project Managers.

The good news is that it’s easy to find out whether your builder, subcontractor or project manager is appropriately licensed. Jump on the BSA’s website and utilise their free online search to see whether that person or business is licensed and not in default of their license conditions.

With the next storm season fast approaching, Queenslanders will once again prepare and respond well to Mother Nature’s forces. But when the sun comes out and there is work to be done, next time ask yourself, is your project team licensed to rebuild?

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